Dermatology is the field of medicine dealing with the largest organ in our body, the skin.

The subject encompasses wide range of sub branches like

Clinical Dermatology
Aesthetic Dermatology
Paediatric Dermatology
Dermatopathology, etc.
Hair & Nail Dermatology

Our department of DERMATOLOGY comprises a team of dedicated faculties and is also well equipped with adequate facilities such as

Separate wards for Male and Females
Demonstration Hall
STI Clinic and VCTC Room,
Minor Procedure Room
Phototherapy Room
Research Lab, etc.


Demonstration Hall:

ONE demonstration hall with a capacity to accommodate 30 students are annexed with the department. They are well lit and ventilated aiding for the effective small group teaching sessions.

Departmental Library:

An updated library with adequate books are made available for the students.

Research Lab:

Side lab with microscope available for basic bedside investigations.

Phototherapy Room:

Equipped with whole body phototherapy unit which is used for uva and uvb based therapy.

Operating Room:

Well equipped for basic dermatosurgeries and nail surgeries. Also equipped with nd-yag laser and intense pulsed light, microdermabrader, iontophoresis machine, rfa machine.



Clinical Dermatology

Ranging from infections to connective tissue disorders and immunobullous disorders

Aesthetic Dermatology

Simple excisions, skin biopsy, scar revision, surgeries for acne scars(subcision, microneedling, punch excision, punch grafting, punch elevation), surgeries for vitiligo(punch grafting), microdermabrasion, laser and light therapy, cryotherapy, rfa removal (warts, skin tags),intre lesional steroid injection.


Diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted infectionswith confidentiality.


Early diagnosis and treatment to prevent deformities and disability in patients of leprosy.

Paediatric Dermatology

Identification and management including counselling of patients and family of children with skin disorders.


Management of photodermatoses. Administration of phototherapy.


Skin biopsy for histopathology and special stains. Direct immunoflourescence for patients with immunobullous disorders.