The Department of Physiology imparts training in the field of Medical Physiology as a foundational course for perception and practice in the art and science of Medicine. The other primary concern of this department includes research and research-oriented activities. We aim to educate, inculcate and inspire in students, the importance of research and research methodologies in basic medical sciences and their clinical applications and interpretations. The department also trains them in Hematological and Clinical skills. We also demonstrate few diagnostic tests like ECG, Spirometry, and Pulse wave analysis, Stethography, Electromyography so that the students obtain prior knowledge about these common investigations before entering into the clinical year.We aim to train students to integrate and collate their acquired basic medical science knowledge in their future clinical acumen and practice.

Facilities & Services

Physiology Lab
Mosso’s ergograph
Pain threshold
Benedicts roth’s spirometer
Passive movement apparatus
Binocular microscopes
Bicycle ergometer